Connie Post


There are stars in our veins

ones that have flickered out

seen the end of all moons

fallen under the back side of the galaxy


there are meteors in the pulse of the neck

waiting to fall from the body

waiting for a chance to burn a hole in the villages of hands,

pelvic bones, feet, locked knees


they fall from us like chaos

like words that burn the roofs of mouths

leave the skin of regret hanging


we drink the cold water, swish it around our cheeks

as if ice particles know how to dissolve shame

as if steam will rise from our mouths


there are days when celestial bodies tumble – bones crack

everything falls below the etched sky line


the serum of generations falls

leaks through a fibrous universe


the blood can no longer return to the center

the circling of all fluid cease

all the suns of thoughts, planets, arteries



the particles of selves

reabsorbed into a vague chance

of a remembered life


we step off, look back from a reverent ledge

the orbit slowing, hesitant


we turn away,

step down the brittle constellation 


take a last glimpse

and remember an Indian summer night sky

stars sprinkling down 

and a voice from over your shoulder

a voice from the village



“There is a place where the light bends”



Connie Post is  Poet Laureate of Livermore, California.  Her work has been published in Kalliope, Comstock Review,  Iodine Poetry Journal,  Main Street Rag, White Pelican Review, Monterey Poetry Review, Carquinez Poetry Review, Mid West Poetry Review, California Quarterly, Mobius, Hardpan, Song of the San Joaquin and Oberon.   Connie was a finalist in 2007 in the Comstock Review Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Awards and in the 2008 Calyx Lois Cranston Memorial Awards.