A Whisper of Honey

The Airpoets


There’s nothing like honey                                

clutching the morning light

oozin’ onto a biscuit

in the first sweet buzz of day


There’s nothin’ like it, Honey

clutchin’ in the mornin’ light

oozin’ into a mist caught

in the first sweet gauze o’ day.


Oh, Baby, nothin’ is sweeter                                     

than anything I ever seen

when daylight parts from night

and breakfast is in your eyes!


Oh, youth, nothin’ finer                                     

than night’s sweet surrender

of eyes, parts, thought,

and daylight’s waking-hungry lips!


In youth, nothing’s sweeter                                            

than midnight’s surrender

to fries, tarts! No thoughts

of waking-hunger’s flow to hips!



The Airpoets are five Indiana poets selected from a call for poetry to be etched in stained glass windows at the Indianapolis International Airport’s new terminal.  The poetry from the airport also appears in their new book, Rivers, Rails and Runways (San Francisco Bay Press, 2008). They have continued to work together including producing whisper poems.  Whisper poems are based on the childhood game of gossip.  One poet starts by whispering a stanza by email, and this continues until each has written and whispered a stanza. The poets see only the stanza sent them and try to hear it more than read it, working to make their stanza sound like the response they might pass on in a game of gossip.  The five Airpoets are Jeannie Deeter Smith, Joe Heithaus, Ruthelen Burns, Joyce Brinkman and Norbert Krapf.