12:10 NUS To Rochester

John Bennett



Blind man being led

By thirteen year old eyes

To Scranton for the weekend


Old couple

With adopted Korean grandchildren

To see his sister in Ithaca


Two nuns

Will attend a retreat

In Stroudsburg


Tall blond guy

Underlining in a law book

Graduates from Cornell

This year


Harried young parents

Plucking children

From lockers and

Other people’s baggage

Think they will spend

A few quiet days

In the Poconos


Scared little boy

Has never been on a bus before

But will soon be with grandma

In Hackettstown


Girl going to Binghampton

Will never come back



John Bennett was born in England, took classes in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing at New York University and is a retired ambulance EMT living in Oceanside, New York.