Making Noodles

Shannon E. Brewer


Seventeen thick ribbons

stretched out before us

on the floured counter top.

A Polish grandmother

couldn’t have done it better.

That afternoon we rolled

noodles from batter thick

like paste, yellow with egg,

ironically cooking the food

of our ancestors.

We bumped elbows,

breathed in puffs of flour

as it settled in our nostrils

and hair.

What possessed two teenagers

to bake dough in

the Midwestern heat?

As we rolled and stretched,

her father and my mother

made love on yellowing sheets

in a room across town.



Shannon E. Brewer lives in South Bend, Indiana. Her poems have appeared in MotherVerse: A Journal of Contemporary Motherhood and the National Catholic Reporter. She writes regularly for regional publications, including Northern Indiana LAKES Magazine. When not writing, she skips stones into Lake Michigan with her son Jacob.