Love Poem to a Sweetheart

Srinjay Chakravarti


Your questions float in the air

of the embargoed room, nebulae

in the dark night of my trespass.


"What do I do?

How do I make my living?"

I work nights

walking on air,

harvesting galaxies

with a sickle moon.


Yesterday, near the collapsar

at Andromeda, I met

a girl with a golden silhouette.

In the shadow she cast

on the trapeze of silver gossamer,

I could see a white hole

where her heart should have been.

I could see right through it

to the other end of the universe.


I asked her, sotto voce,

"Where do you come from,

and where do you go?"

She gave no reply,

only pointed a finger

at the Milky Way

and turned into a river

flowing with sand.


Now I was standing in a desert

twilight, the turquoise silence

of countless candles.

She had become the stars

in the black sky of my eyes.


[This poem was first published in Zone Magazine (Argentina)]



Srinjay Chakravarti is a journalist, economist, writer and translator based in Salt Lake City, Calcutta, India, who was educated at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta and at universities based in Calcutta and New Delhi.  His poetry and prose have appeared in publications in nearly 30 countries including  Eclectica, ThePedestal, The Foliate Oak, Avatar Review, Voices Israel, Otherland  and Ginosko.   He won one of the top prizes in the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Poetry Competition 2007-08.  The Continental Review recently published a video recording of Srinjay reading his poetry: