As If It Were Yesterday

Kathleen M. McCann


Tomorrow will come

with its handful of snow

or full course.

Forecasters be damned.

Bearers of bad roads,

schedules undone.


In the early morning light,

from memory’s bright purse,

Fore River’s steep crane lords

over ship yard workers carding

in at the gate, lunch pails &

thermos tucked, wool caps snug.


And the collie...

asleep on the back stoop

beneath the peeling Esso

beyond the rotary &

its rotund granite ball.


Fifty years, like that.



Kathleen M. McCann teaches poetry and American literature at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts.  She has two chapbooks, The Sea’s Rosary (Timberline Press, 2008) and The Small Hours (Finishing Line Press, 2008).  Her poems have also been published in small presses such as The Midwest Quarterly, Sonoma Interim and The Comstock Review.