Elaine Fowler Palencia


On a road in Indiana

apple-cheeked children

drive in convoy

an endless line

of high-shouldered Army trucks

loud as kettledrums.

Trucks and drivers

dressed for a jungle war

in patchy black green brown and dun

they are pinned

on the pale Midwestern prairie

like tin cut-outs

in a shooting gallery.

Snaking towards them

low to the ground

seethes the fog of war.



Elaine Fowler Palencia is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Taking the Train (Grex Press, 1997) and The Dailiness of It (Grex Press, 2002) and has received one Pushcart nomination for a poem as well as an Illinois  Arts Council Award for another.  She is  also the author of two collections of short  stories, published by the University of Missouri Press. Elaine lives in Champaign, Illinois.