E.P. Schultz


For her the sun is setting

Long into the distance

And purple light is the messenger.

A blue sky, a deafening voice,

And a rose, a rose another reminder.


Purple, she pulls the shades to purple.

It is when God comes to her,

Whispering the hammers of paradise;

Her cheeks redden, eyes blue

And her heart no longer sings.



E.P. Schultz lives in the Driftless area of southwestern Wisconsin. He likes to drive Floyd, his tractor yanking on dead trees, pushing snow around, or just taking a ride so to remember. His work has appeared in Chronogram, Sierra Nevada College Review, Heartlands, Hawk & Whippoorwill, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, and others.  His poem Were You The Winter? won second place Honorable Mention in the Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest in 2008.