& (fifty-seven)

J.A. Tyler



This man, dying, he will be dead soon, gone soon, the wind picked up and twisting in clothes-lines, the frost coming but not yet, cold first, cold now, with dark birds perched and watching the house, the square of his window, his last breathing blinks and their colorless running, him running, one last time, one last loping track of blood going through.



J. A. Tyler is author of the forthcoming novella Someone, Somewhere (Ghost Road Press, 2009) and the chapbooks The Girl in the Black Sweater (Trainwreck Press, 2008) and Everyone In This Is Either Dying Or Will Die Or Is Thinking Of Death (Achilles Chapbook Series, 2008). He is founding editor of mud luscious/ml press and nominated for a Pushcart. Visit aboutjatyler.blogspot.com.