Time of the Dogwoods

Scott Brewer

The dogwoods are blooming
which, according to the Delaware
is time for the maize seed
to be put in the ground.
Besides using its lovely nature
to mark the days of the calendar,
the bark is for a cure
to the fever, a coolness applied
to the burning consumption
I feel when I see you.
Beauty and blossoms flowering
white petals, really the bracts
put out to protect the seed
of the fruit ruby red with passion.





Scott Brewer is a member of the Writer's Center of Indiana and the Poetry Alliance of Indy.  He grew up in the small town of Fairmount, Indiana.  He received a BA from Wabash College in 1980, and is currently the City Forester for Carmel, Indiana.  Scott received an individual artist grant in 2005 from the Indiana Arts Commission to publish a small book of poetry, Indiana Instinct and Everyday Blues.