Sometimes I feed my hunger

Theodore Lucero


Sometimes I知 wandering with no money


Sometimes I知 cell-phoned, band-rolled, pockets full of change,

email, high-speed electrons rearrange

to form a fully realized message


Sometimes I知 wandering, wordless


Sometimes I知 spouting off over microphones and speakers

the taught are the teachers

I知 always weaker than the lowest-common denominator

and stronger than numbers

Sometimes I fast, sometimes I feed my hunger


Theodore Lucero is a poet, musician, and fine artist from Indianapolis. Having spent much of his youth dispersed evenly between the serenity of America痴 endless expanses and the madness of its seething metropolises, Theodore has shaped his verse around the perspective of a European son making sense of his place in the wilds and cities of a nation newly forged in a land that will bear no name. His poetry has appeared in Vallum Magazine and is forthcoming in The New York Quarterly.