It Sounds Like a City on a Distant Planet

                                Erin Murphy


It sounds like a city on a distant planet:

Glioblastoma. You think of it as an outpost

in the left parietal lobe, a place where aliens

infiltrate your brain. You’d share this idea

with your sci-fi-loving son, but the creatures

have seized your words. Next: your ability

to move. They have big plans. So did you.




Erin Murphy is the author of three collections of poetry: Dislocation and Other Theories (Word Press, 2008), Too Much of This World (Mammoth Books, 2008), and Science of Desire (Word Press, 2004). With Todd Davis, she is co-editor of Mandala Literary Review, Writer’s Forum, an anthology of poetry and creative nonfiction, forthcoming from SUNY Press. Erin teaches English and Creative Writing at The Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College.


Photo by Bill Englander