Belts of Glass

Calvin White


we cut the throats of those we love

tie belts of glass

around the waists

of those who need us

and whisper as silent

as tomorrow

that everything will be different

if only

if only

and who does the listening

knows every word

like mice in the field

is it you

or me

our wicked dance

castigating each plain pulse

thrusting knees against thighs

the hair soft

along your cheek

how easy it is

for me to miss you




Calvin White’s work  has previously been in such Canadian journals as Grain, Windsor Review and Descant. and journals in Oregon and New Zealand.   He has published a poetry collection, We Run Faster With The Deer (Turnstone Press, 2001).  In a couple of months he expects  to be serving a mission with Doctors Without Borders as a mental health specialist.   Calvin lives in British Columbia.