Game Over

Cheryl Soden Moreland


You are a player.

You have always been a player.

Your mind - and never mind

your heart - is rarely on Now

but on a past or future conquest.


That's what a player is, does.  If you wanted anything

deeper, you'd go deep.  And stay the course.

But you don't.

You prefer the shallow and the quick.


You like knowing you can walk away

from someone or something.

You expect to walk back into a life

whenever you feel the tug,

expect another to reopen to you

as if for the first time,

as if no water has risen under a bridge

that is nearly covered.



Cheryl Soden Moreland is a freelance writer and community volunteer who has lived most of her life in Kokomo and Indianapolis, which has greatly influenced her work.    Cheryl will be included in the forthcoming anthology of Indiana poets, And Know This Place (Indiana Historical Society Press, Spring 2009).  She also has had several essays published in NUVO, The Indianapolis Star, and Urban Tapestry:  Indianapolis Stories (IU Press).