Watercolors in the Garden

Karen Kelsay


Today, while my toes flatten

dandelions into sticky


medallions, and water splatters

rhythmically upon clumps


of crabgrass, I sketch

the garden's canvas with my gaze.


Geraniums pose like children

in a Bouguereau painting,


leaning on scalloped bricks. Palms

catch sprinkler spray and vibrate


spider strands beneath the window

ledge as clouds roll like marbles


into a quiet circle of sky;

all is framed in ruddy summer--


but only the scent of a wilted rose

will draw me in.



Karen Kelsay lives in Orange, California.  Her poetry has been published in The Christian Science Monitor, Boston Literary Magazine, Flutter, Tin Foil Dress, Ken Again, Skyline Magazine, Toronto Quarterly, Rose and Thorn, and others.