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tpj_issue14.jpgThe first issue of the Tipton Poetry Journal consisted of poems written by those who attended the Tipton Poetry Reading, which met monthly in Tipton, Indiana from 2002 through 2005.    Although that monthly format no longer exists, the Tipton Poetry Journal evolved from the energy of those public readings and is now both an online and a printed forum. 


The Tipton Poetry Journal, located in the heartland of the Midwest, publishes quality poetry from Indiana and around the world. 


Welcome to the Summer 2009 issue, our 14th.  This issue we are pleased to be able to reprint David Shumate’s prose poem, Mannequins, as well as a companion homage prose poem by Michael Brockley.  Another James Tipton poem and Spanish translation by Flor Aguilera García make their way here from Mexico.  There are several poems about cows and horses and chickens and life on the farm and stables.  Both Jack Kristiansen and William Arnes make a joint appearance together in this issue.  You will find advice on how to write a poem, a few zen moments, a little baseball, lots of summertime heat and relief from it, whether you choose to swim with a Franciscan Friar or with a rubber ducky in a backyard pool.


Subscriptions ($16 for 4 issues) and available copies of the journal ($5 each) may be purchased either online or by check payable to Tipton Poetry Journal.  Submission guidelines and information about past issues are also available at:









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Subscription guidelines and information about past issues are also available at: http://tiptonpoetryjournal.com/submission.html.

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barry_hat.jpg Barry Harris is founding editor of the Tipton Poetry Journal and has published one poetry collection, Something At The Center, and one chapbook, The Soul At Work: Poems From The Office.   Barry lives in Zionsville, Indiana and works as a scientific communications associate for Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis.  He is co-host (with Susan Miller) for a poetry reading, Poetry on Brick Street, which meets at G. Simone’s Cafe in Zionsville, Indiana on the 1st Thursday of the month.  His poetry has recently appeared in Saint Ann’s Review, Night Train, Hiss Quarterly, Cherry Blossom Review, Flying Island, Lily, The Centrifugal Eye,  Flutter Poetry Journal, Wheelhouse Magazine,  Houston Literary Review and Snow Monkey and is forthcoming in Boston Literary Magazine.


Assistant Editor


kowalski.jpgKatie Kowalski is assistant editor for the Tipton Poetry Journal and assists with reading and responding to submissions as well as copyediting.  Katie holds a Bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing from Ball State University and works as an administrative assistant for the Sigma Kappa Foundation. She enjoys word games, blogging, karaoke and playing fetch with her cat.  






William Aarnes

CL Bledsoe

Zoë Bogart

Michael Brockley

Edward Byrne

Antonia Clark

Joan Colby

Curtis Cronn

Holly Day

Louis Gallo

Flor Aguilera García

Tina Hammerton

Ronnie Hess

Allan Johnston

Laurie Junkins

Karen Kelsay

Ginger Ko

Norbert Krapf

Janet Krauss

Jack Kristiansen

Sarah Layden

Sandee Lyles

Bonnie Maurer

Tracy Mishkin

Kristine Ong Muslim

Anne Britting Oleson

Richard Pflum

Doug Ramspeck

Greg Schwartz

William Sea

David Shumate

Noel Sloboda

Janice D. Soderling

Keli Stafford

Garland Strother

James Tipton

Tom Þorgautr

Georgia Wallace

Calvin White

Martin Willitts Jr.

Susan Yount

Fredrick Zydek



Tipton Poetry Journal
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Copyright 2009 by the Tipton Poetry Journal

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