Don’t you feel sometimes, you are stoked by a heavenly fire, walk in a nimbus of flame


Richard Pflum


and the day is filled with living voices and the temperate

Dead finally keep their peace? And every space is filled

with events, and life comes ballooning-in, a cloud of

sublime significance. Then you are neither lonely nor

pressed, and all that was lost is found. Days then seem

almost continuous and your store of energy, without limit. 


And the sky is blue, and the crowd, the leaves, the sun,

the weather, are an adventure. All roads are open

to the light, all space before you …vast and inviting.

Time now holds, and needs go no further. For everything

is here, everything you‘ve always wanted, even night

is ablaze with stories you are in, or will be part of 

as you move from one to another. And there is no end

to this, there is no end.




Richard Pflum has published two collections (A Dream of Salt and A Strange Juxtaposition of Parts) and has recorded a CD (Strange Requests).  His poems have appeared in Conceit Magazine, Sparrow, Event, Kayak, The Reaper, Flying Island, The Hopewell Review, Ploplop, The Indiana Experience and Bear Crossings and Art & Poems (Arts Kaleidoscope, Muncie 2008).  His most recent chapbooks are The Haunted Refrigerator and Other Poems (Pudding House Publications, 2007) and Listening With Others (The Muse Rules Press, 2007).