Canadian Geese

Martin Willitts, Jr.

The noisy beginnings, the leaving stretching the sky, 
the interminable returns,
they come & depart in an right angle taking the treetops off
as a wedge into a last echoed song,
this ritual happens twice yearly, never the same, never
changing, always knowing when the change is coming
they announce this change, breaking the icy clouds,
like laying eggs, like hatchlings breaking free in taps & cracks,
they remember what we forget: 
things are the same & different, always in flight, always nesting,
we cannot lift out of our bodies, nor see the land slowly below us,
nor call the changing of the seasons so it will change like they can, 
this is how love begins, the calling & responding,
this is how we should migrate & mate, and dip into water,
taking turns leading & following so neither tires,
in a formation of co-operation so none are left behind