Seeking Supremacy

Fredrick Zydek


I've lived in this thing as long

as I can remember.  Am I just

the thinker looking through

its eyes, listening through its

ears or am I the eyes and ears

as well?  It wants things I know


nothing about and finds ways

to get them beyond my control.

Who would believe the meaning

of touch, the process of digestion,

or why I comb its hair?  We're

like two different things seeking


supremacy in the same pot.  I do

not know if it has a clue I'm

in here getting it food and find time

for it to rest anymore than

the atoms that compose it know

that it is what they are doing.




Fredrick Zydek's work has appeared in The Anitoch Review, The Hollins Critic, The Journal, Michigan Quarterly Review, Nimrod, Poetry, Prairie Schooner, and others.  His 9th collection is due out by the end of the summer entitled T'Kopechuck: The Buckley Poems.  T'Kopechuck is the Saleshan (indigenous Americans of the area) word for Mt. Rainier.  Hooked On Fish will be published by the Holmes House Chapbook Series this fall.