last leaf holding

Tracy Ahrens


I free you

last leaf battered by wind

lashed by rain

dried by sun,

dappled with mold,

perforated by insects,

refusing to let go of the colorful camaraderie

of yesterdays.


I free you

to drift haphazardly into dark terrain,

destined to be trampled,

broken, torn,

like others.


Last leaf holding,

you sizzle in the wind singing solo,

crying for a glance,

a reflection.


I free you

to the bed of commonality,

even harder to discern,

even harder to be picked and pressed into a book of yesterdays.



Tracy Ahrens of Kankakee, Illinois has been a journalist and editor for 17 years. She is also a writer for Chicago-area and national magazines, an author of two children’s books and one non-fiction text, an artist and poet. She has won over 40 journalism-writing awards statewide, locally and nationally. See