Zombie Girl Explains Why She Doesnít Date

Jessie Carty


Maybe I could but I just donít feel a need for fumbling in backseats, furtive phone calls, first this, first that.And with who?Imagine if I thought I might be queer Ė and a zombie.Although my mother would love it.I think she wishes she wanted women in that way.But I donít really want either sex in any way.Can you be human and asexual like say a seahorse?They are right? I canít look it up.There is no way Iím typing sex into any computer attached to my name.Then the talks will start again.Mom will push my hair back behind my ears and rub each finger of my fingers between her index finger and thumb like she is cataloging them.One little piggy.Her little piggy.White as snow.How white. Virgin white. White as a keyboard. Save document. Control Alt Delete. Lock computer.



Jessie Carty's work has appeared in such journals as Margie, Weave and The Northville Review. Her first chapbook, At the A & P Meridiem was released by Puddinghouse Publications in 2009.  Jessie is also the editor of Shape of a Box, YouTubeís first literary magazine.