Phoenix Cole


Fearfully and wonderfully
You made me
Like the potter with his water and clay
You sculpted
     You molded
         You shaped
Inside your fire I baked
I am the offspring of Your creative flow
In Your likeness
I was glazed
      And painted
            And scratched
I am a beautiful piece of art
Created by the Master






Sculpture by Lynne Miller inspired by Phoenix Cole’s poem Porcellana as part of the Art of Poetry Tour,  a collaboration of poets with artists from Art in Hand Gallery in Zionsville, Indiana (Photo by Barry Harris)





Phoenix Cole was born and raised in Indianapolis and graduated from Saint Augustine’s College in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Phoenix has published her first collection of poems, The Rhythm of Love.  Phoenix and her dog, Sasha Marie, currently reside in Indianapolis where she works with inner-city youth with the Indianapolis Public Schools.


Lynne Miller is an artist who has been working in clay for 13 years.  She is drawn to the science of clay, glazing and firing as her formal training is as a chemical engineer.  She loves being able to design the “canvas” and decorate it as well.