Three Quarter Time

Jenny Kalahar


Our vows two three and rings two three

were locked in place

and then two three the house two three

became a space

to lie at night, too tired to write

as time danced on and on


The fire two three the fire two three

consumed the house

and then two three our books two three

were burned and doused

our memories were gone two three

as time went waltzing on


We moved two three down south two three

to start once more

a new two three old town two three

a bigger store

we boxed things up, used rental trucks

to get us marching on


We sold two three used books two three

we bought much more

we worked two three long hours two three

to shelve and sort

the books in aisles stretched on for miles

while years swayed slowly on


A move two three once more two three

but now we'll stay

and try two three to write two three

a book or play

or poems, or not, or outline plots

as ink goes rolling on


Still we waltz on and on




Jenny Kalahar lives in Elwood, Indiana with her husband in a schoolhouse built in 1894.  She enjoys  playing the piano, writing, reading and shopping at flea markets and antique shops.