The Mayberry Café

Norbert Krapf


A high-finned squad car

welcomes your arrival

on the town square.


That booth in the corner

is all for you

& the girl on your arm.


If you want

meatloaf and gravy

it’s all yours, baby.


Ain’t nothin’ but

Elvis on the radio

& black & white on TV.


Whenever you come

back you are, once again,

King for a Day, oh yeah!


Photo credit:  Mayberry Café by Barry Harris





Norbert Krapf


Sunlight slants at

a different angle

when leaves fall.





Norbert Krapf, Indiana Poet Laureate, has published a  poetry and jazz CD with pianist-composer Monika Herzig, Imagine —  Indiana in Music and Words (Acme Records); a memoir, The Ripest  Moments: A Southern Indiana Childhood (Indiana Historical Society Press, 2008); and a selection of 175 poems written 1971-2007, Bloodroot: Indiana Poems (IU Press, 2008). WordTech Editions has recently published  Sweet Sister Moon, love poems and tributes to women. For more info about his work and IPL activities and photos, visit