All I do is Reflect

Theodore Lucero



Batten-down the hatches

I wanna burn up leaving nothing but ashes

from flame to dust, I sip from the cup of temptation

I grow in spurts of revelation

I pay any price for the fruits of creation

I know

I go too far, too fast

I bring my soul to the table and divide it up

between visions of the future, my loves

and my will to self-destruct


I walk blindly with the moon

tides rising beside me

the pains in my chest are from implosion due to gravity


I see verse

when I flip to blank pages

wild with potential, my pen rages


Dreaming of the stages where we connect

I don't output

All I do is Reflect



Theodore Lucero is a poet, musician, and fine artist from Indianapolis.  Having spent much of his youth dispersed evenly between the serenity of America’s endless expanses and the madness of its seething metropolises, Theodore has shaped his verse around the perspective of a European son making sense of his place in the wilds and cities of a nation newly forged in a land that will bear no name.  His poetry has appeared in Vallum Magazine and is forthcoming in The New York Quarterly.