Neruda Est Siempre Con Nostros

Steve Shilling

Neruda is always with us.
Trailing behind us at the beach
with a strawberry ice cream cone.
Reading Billy Collins in the chair out back
as I rake leaves in November.
Making us Cuban sandwiches
with salsa music playing in the background.
"Hay el amor en esos cuernos," he says. 
Indeed, there is love in those horns.
He weeds with me in the rose garden,
picks out produce with you at the supermarket,
winds balls of yarn for the cat,
makes notes in our margins.
And, as awkward as it may seem,
sat in the room reading us poems
as we made love Sunday morning,
rain pelting the window.





Steve Shilling has poems forthcoming in Reed Magazine and Main Street Rag and has been published in journals including English Journal, Red Wheelbarrow, Aethlon and The Loylhanna Review. He is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan and has been able to pass along his love for reading and writing poetry as an English teacher at McGuffey Highschool in Claysville, Pennsylvania.