Conversation Stoppers

Peter Wyton


 I remember in particular
two things about that stroll, namely
your revelation
and the kingfisher in the culvert,
although other images were doubtless evident,
donkeys struggling up, overloaded,
from the reed beds,
lorries trundling down from the asbestos quarry,
approaching like processional dust-balls,
bee-eaters whirling and squeaking
acrobatically above us  -  it was that time of day,
also audible, the sporadic crack
of a hunterís rifle beyond the tree-line,
but what sticks in my mind today
is that kingfisher in the culvert,
colours ablaze, even in death,
then your revelation,
both of which brought me up short in my tracks.



Peter Wyton publishes and performs his own poetry, mainly in the midlands and the west of England. If you are interested in seeing more of his work, try