Non-Identical Matching

Rosemarie Dombrowski


Standing beside the overturned

carton of milk, you study the

pattern of pooling liquid, oblivious to

the hand-over-hand method by which we

sop, wring, repeat

until the tile reappears.


Sadly, I expected to recite them from memory

(matrilineal nursery rhymes,

an anthology of blues),

singing in unison while our arms

drafted a radical scale of syncopation,

the lilting sounds of the sea and

an assemblage of farm animals

surrounding the wails of a plastic horn,

the gypsy-oddity of a blue and white tambourine. 


February 21st: in the aftermath of milk and nostalgia,

I study the theory of mercurial burdens,

your blood coursing through the annals of

medical science:


the science of misanthropic concerns;


the concern of the neuro-typical population,


their eventual extinction by the likes of you.


Rosemarie Dombrowski is the editor of the poetry journal Merge.  She holds a PhD in American Literature and has been teaching at Arizona State University for the past ten years.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals, most recently, Stickman Review and Salt River Review.  She and her significant other live in Phoenix with her autistic son, Brendan.