Monosyllabic Slide III

Rohanna McCormack



has lured you to the

stake in my heart

I am dwarf in your eyes

You dug my grave

then shaved your head

I crown it with a moon

of thorns

What ghost floats near

Weeds cling to her hair

The moon her muse

bobs in a drift

while you sing to the

bitch of the sea.


Rohana McCormack received her BA and MA degrees from Duke University and studied semesters of poetry with Stanley Kunitz, Felix Stefanile, May Swenson and John Woods.   She has won awards from Purdue University, Writer’s Digest, Lucidity 2005 International and 2006 Juried Contests.  She has a new chapbook, Free Will, The Billiard King and Other Mad Dogmas (Pudding House Publications, 2007).   Anthologies include  Indiana Sesquicentennial Poets (Ball State University), Indiana Women Poets, edited by Alice Friman,  Purdue Miscellany, Passagers #44, Contest Winners 2007, and  Hymns to the Outrageous (Pudding House Publications, 2007).