After Talking to Steve

Corey Mesler


 “I think we can regard therapy, when it is good, as a waiting by the pond.

 Each time we dip our wound into the water, we get nourishment, and the strength to go on further in the process.”  - Robert Bly


The hand rests.

The waves are what

the waves are.

The place of fury

is not concerned

with self.

The rider who writes

appears ready

for that which is not

writing. The

head rests.

The place of design

pauses in its

insistence on design.

Precedents flutter,

like flags of

countries no longer


The way out is still the

way in.

The way that can be

spoken of is

not spoken of.

The heart rests too.



Corey Mesler has published poetry and prose in Adirondack Review, American Poetry Journal,  Paumanok Review, Yankee Pot Roast, Elimae, Rattle, Cordite Poetry Review, Smartish Pace,  and others. He has two novels from Livingston Press: Talk: a Novel in Dialogue (2002) and We are Billion-Year-Old Carbon (2007). Corey’s first full-length collection of poems is Some Identity Problems (Foothills Publishing, 2007).  He has several Pushcart nominations and his poem, “Sweet Annie Divine,” was chosen for Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s AlmanacCorey and his wife own Burke's Book Store in Memphis, Tennessee.