Welcome to the New China

Elizabeth Schultz


Here is my home.

 Only five floors up walking.

 I’d like you to meet my piano

 and my ping-pong table,

 and this is the roof-top garden,

 where my wife’s father

 grows garlic and gardenias.

 I take care of AC and TV.


 Here is my one child.

 She has some tricks to show.

 She can pirouette and play

 five songs on the piano.

 Her dog died when out

 the window he jumped, so now

 she keeps two birds plus computer.


 Here is my wife.

 She is good at English

 but does not like to cook at all.

 However, she can serve you

 watermelon and give you

 a present of lacquer to remind

 us of the good old China.

 Because of her, it is a wedding

 bond on my left hand’s finger.


Elizabeth Schultz retired in 2001 from the University of Kansas where she was the Chancellor’s Club Teaching Professor in the English Department.  Elizabeth is the author of Unpainted to the Last: Moby-Dick and Twentieth Century American Art (1995), Shoreline: Seasons at the Lake (2001), Conversations: Art Into Poetry at the Spencer Museum of Art (2006) and Her Voice (Woodley Press, 2008).  She was  founder of the Melville Society Cultural Project in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  In 2007 she was a Fulbright lecturer in Beijing.