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The first issue of the Tipton Poetry Journal consisted of poems written by poets who had attended the Tipton Poetry Reading, which met monthly from 2002 through 2005. The readings usually featured a prominent Indiana poet, always included an open mic format, and was attended by poets from the countryside and cities around Tipton, Indiana.

Although the monthly public format no longer exists, the Tipton Poetry Journal evolved from the energy of those public readings and is now a printed forum. In the words of J.L Kato, the first host of the Tipton Poetry Reading, "Poetry Alters Reality."

The Tipton Poetry Journal, located in the heartland of the Midwest, publishes quality poetry from Indiana and around the world.

This is the 4th issue of the Tipton Poetry Journal. Subscription guidelines and information about past issues are also available at:


Issue #4 is available for sale on-line now for $5.00 including shipping.

Table of Contents

Review:Jared Carter's Cross this Bridge at a Walk J.L. Kato
Purgatory Samuel Eddington
Passing Through Jason Fraley
October The Eighth Lisa Hiserodt
Sleeping Beauty in Old Age Maureen Sherbondy
Moving Boxes Sandy Hiss
Rural Tapestry Cheryl Soden Moreland
No reason to get up but get up Yvonne Morris
Jim Dandy Gale Acuff
The Golden Dragon Beth Mink
Fallison Lake Kenneth Pobo
The Contortionist Michael E. Strosahl
A Driving Instructor's First Water Bottle Arlene Ang
Touchstones Dixon Hearne
In Passing James Keane
Depression and a Variation on Sauce Béchamel John Borneman
After Apples, Listening Tom Sheehan
De-lovely Jeffrey Owen Pearson
Broken Janet Thorning
Myrna in the Backyard Kristine Ong Muslim
Raking Catherine McGuire
A Scattering Rohana McCormack
In Iraq Mary C. O'Malley
Summertime Blues Sharon Kapustinski
Robert Shirtliffe J M McDermott
Painted Narration Shad Harrington
summer and winter Ann Walters
Pop & Chips Indira Sinton
Sleeping With My Telescope Richard Pflum
Land Davide Trame
Words L. Jody Kuchar
Family Dinner Charyl Chambers
Susan Was Always Prettier Than Us Margaux Fragoso
August Occurrences #27 Felino Soriano
Tell Them The Great "I Am" Sent You Louie Crew

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