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The first issue of the Tipton Poetry Journal consisted of poems written by poets who had attended the Tipton Poetry Reading, which met monthly from 2002 through 2005. The readings usually featured a prominent Indiana poet, always included an open mic format, and were attended by poets from the countryside and cities around Tipton, Indiana.

Although the monthly format no longer exists, the Tipton Poetry Journal evolved from the energy of those public readings and is now a printed forum.

The Tipton Poetry Journal, located in the heartland of the Midwest, publishes quality poetry from Indiana and around the world.

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Issue #6 is available for sale on-line now for $5.00 including shipping.

Brother Laura A. Walker
Heavens Dan Carpenter
Fountain Square Mama Cheryl Soden Moreland
A Murder of So Many Words K.R. Copeland
Frangible Life Ernestine Hayes
In the Waters of the Patoka Norbert Krapf
The Laws of Gravity Michelle Morgan
Two-Way Mirror Carol Carpenter
When you set out Sam Byfield
Bliss Cheryl Snell
Cold Graveyard: Zionsville Indiana Dustin Joseph Anderson
The Trees of Eden Paul Sohar
Dreamskimmer Alessio Zanelli
What Comes After Nine Lives Kristine Ong Muslim
The Switch in the Floor Beth Mink
Haunting My Husband Antonia Clark
The Deaf Ventriloquist Jack Conway
Favoring Flaws David Thornbrugh
Reading Hart Crane's North Labrador in Hot Weather James Owens
The Land of Wind Yun Wang
Freedom From The Press Rohana McCormack
Heat Stroke David Cazden
Aural Jody Kuchar
Lunch with the Widow Cortez Ray Succre
En Passant Donald Platt
The House of Malapropism Maureen A. Sherbondy
Road Show Jeffrey Owen Pearson
After Dinner at my Parents' House Sarah Layden
The Nurse's Office Paul Hostovsky
First Step at 30,000 Feet Priscilla Rhoades
Heritage and the Gorilla Suit Arlene Ang
Selah! Nita Karpf
Rabbit Rain Thomas Alan Orr
Sound Advice Ben Berman
A Stone in Water A. Jay Adler
The Drowning Michael E. Strosahl
Wilted Sandy Sue Benitez
In Front Of Us, A Sister Joshua D. Kalscheur
The Zen of Racquetball David Allan Evans
Elegy for a Murdered Girl Gail Gilliland
Loonier Tunes Richard Pflum

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